House to Home

When it comes from making your new house a home, look no further than ISS Electricals. With many years’ experience to rely upon we can make your new house your dream home. Typical jobs include:-

  1. Video doorbell
  2. Outside lighting
  3. Security cameras
  4. Electrical fittings installed
  5. Flat screen TVs fitted
  6. Satellite dishes
  7. Wireless networks
  8. Garage lighting
  9. Garden lighting and outdoor plugs
  10. EV chargers

The picture features some Hue lights from Phillips which can change colour to suit your mood and style all controlled from your smartphone.

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Eufy video doorbell

Video Doorbell

The Eufy video doorbell is an alternative to the possibly better known Ring doorbell. We can fit either.

The Eufy is known for having a higher quality video camera which produces excellent recordings, and is great for streaming. With the Eufy system there are no recurring monthly fees.